Habitat for Humanity Additional Photos for Remaining Days & Dedication


I showed up a little bit early on Dedication Day, so I could take some pictures (above left, immediate left, and the rest below) of the finished product before many people started arriving.  If you have visited each of these HFH pages, you have journeyed with us and seen the transformation.  In 2010, I reformatted the gallery pages and relived the steps of combining tools, materials, lots of volunteers, and a few dedicated leaders into the creation of a family home. It is a pretty marvelous thing to behold.  It is an even better experience to participate in, and I encourage you to do so. 

When I revised these pages in 2010, I shifted the photos of the people at the dedication to a separate page.  The cake picture is the link to that page. 

Click here (cake picture) to view the photo page of people at the dedication.

(not all photos taken are pictured)

Wed/Thurs, May 5th & 6th

Wednesday, May 12th

Thursday, May 13th

Friday, May 14th

Saturday, May 15th

Mon/Wed, May 17th & 19th

Fri/Sat, May 21st & 22nd

Wed/Thurs, May 26th & 27th

Fri/Sat, June 4th & 5th

Wed/Fri/Sat, June 9, 11, 12th

Fri/Sat, June 18th & 19th

Fri/Sat, June 25th & 26th

Remaining Days & Dedication

Contact Habitat Lansing or
a touch of william with any questions,
or to view all photos taken.