Past Pictures of the Week from 2014


The above photo, with which I opened 2014, was taken in the middle of summer.  Although I try typically to stay with images from around the same time of year, I chose it because it spoke to me of promise and hope; a good way to enter into any new year. 

I was surprised that I had taken the sunrise picture (at right) in January.  Then I figured we must have been visiting relatives down south.  I checked my photo notes in the Sunsets & Sky folder, but found none for the image (they started much later for that particular folder).  It had piqued my curiosity however, and after checking other folders, I discovered we were either almost home, or just arrived home on that date, putting it in Indiana or Michigan.  So, not all northern winter skies are grey, as it sometimes seems. 


Advertisers say puppy dogs and little children are sure bets to receive positive reactions in marketing.  The young fellow above indeed got more than his fair share of my camera's attention at the Fall Color Cruise and Island Festival in Grand Ledge.  A family member among our participants in the Michigan Living History Encounters encampment we (a T&SC branch) sponsor, he seemed to enjoy exploring his new playground. 

Just a reminder, that when each shot appears as my picture of the week, a 1600x1200 pixel version of it is linked and available for you to download.  Right click on the image with your mouse, and save as picture  from the menu which comes up.  Only then do I have that large a size on this site you could use as a desktop background, to print, or whatever you wish. 

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