Past Pictures of the Week from 2013


I uploaded the picture at left to my site on Valentine's Day (February 14th) with no clue what was about to transpire.  It remained a second week until I prepared a new image and this message, "On February 17th, the hard drive on my primary computer decided to stop working.  Since it is the only computer I have which is connected to the Internet, this picture might be here a few weeks.  As soon as I have a restored or new hard drive, or a new computer, depending on the resolution, I will resume weekly updates." 

As life sometimes goes, that message and the below left photo (hand delivered to my web host on a USB drive) ended up on my site for eight weeks.  I finally just replaced  the computer.  At long last, April 25th, I was up and running, loading the below picture. 


2013 was an interesting year.  In addition to the computer issue, my wife had knee replacement surgery and was off work for twelve weeks.  We spent several of them up north around relatives, using her mom's cabin.  Another three images had two week stays as a result.  As mentioned on the 2012 page, I did buy a used laptop, primarily to process images into my inventory in a more timely manner, and tried to use the WiFi to access the Internet with the express purpose of changing the Picture of the Week from on the road.  When it did not work out, I was not all that disappointed.  I think we are way over-connected these days.  Breaks from the routine are good. 

I picked some unusual shots this year.  Several times the topic was more important than the quality of the image in making my choice.  I also went a full fourteen weeks at one stretch without using a picture from Fitzgerald Park.  With over 21,000 images from the park in my inventory, that is unusual in and of itself.  One of the photos I did use from Fitzgerald was of the set of the movie Red Dawn (second row up on the left), after they finished filming that segment there.  The park was closed during filming. 

While the idea for these pages has been on my "to do" list for a while, I am creating them in January 2014.  I will develop one for each year, but will probably not upload the newest page before the year ends.  So, check out the Picture of the Week page regularly, especially to copy the sizes large enough for varied uses. 

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