Past Pictures of the Week from 2012


The picture at left is one of my top favorites.  That is how it made the line-up even as a vertical shot.  One of the reasons I try to stay with horizontal choices is for the flexibility of use by you.  The 1600 x 1200 version of the larger photos, only available on site in the week which they appear, should be big enough for you to copy into your computer as a desktop background.  It is also enough pixels for making a greeting card, or most creative possibilities, except for very large prints, such as posters.  It is OK to copy them for your personal use.  It is the reason they are there in that size. 

Now, if you are an "always checking the details" kind of person, and counted to see if there are 52 pictures on this page, you discovered only 49.  That is because the picture of the Trillium (eighth row left) was on the site for three weeks while I was on the road.  Then, the photo of the empty farm wagon after harvest (row fourteen right) remained two consecutive weeks for the same reason.  In 2013, I picked up a used laptop, which I now take with me when I travel.  Primarily, I bought it so I could process images into my inventory in a more timely manner.  I did try once to use the WiFi at a relative's place up north to access the Internet with the express purpose of being able to change the Picture of the Week from on the road.  I had all sorts of problems, so I took that as God's way of saying it is OK to have a break, occasionally. 

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