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"We have accomplished something extraordinary in this country, but it came at a severe cost through our carelessness and indifference.

If we continue to care less,
today's problems will be nothing
compared to what awaits us."


If you think heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are rampant now . . . just wait.  We do not seem to relate basic truths very well.  For example: bad choices lead to bad health (among other consequences).  Short term money considerations (including jobs, etc) tend to trump all others, because we do not consider the bigger picture.  Then when calamity strikes, we act as if it is just something randomly happening to us, instead of the result of many of the overall choices we have been making throughout life, both individually and collectively as a society.  This applies across the board (of topics), not just for our physical health issues. 


"Sometimes the only way to find Christ is to walk away from a 'Christian' community which professes Him only with their lips."



"Could Jesus walk on water because He is the Son of God, perfect and sinless, or because He believed He could walk on water?" 


"You cannot grow much
 if you are living a lie.
  All real growth
  starts with the truth."


"Nobody 'makes' love.

You can express in many ways,
including sexually,
the love God has placed inside you,
  but you do not 'make' it."


"Making love" is one of those expressions I would nominate for being banned from our language.  The lines between love and sex are confusing enough, especially for males, without having things acerbated by mixing the words into descriptive nomenclature. 


"The only people who need the Bible to be 100% literally accurate are those who wish to use it to judge others."


When I made that statement to my friend Rick, he added "and those who would discredit it."


"I am not a 'defender of the faith.' If what I believe and live as a Christian is Truth, it needs no defense.  If it is not the Truth, then I most certainly should not be defending it." 


"There really are other spiritual voices than just God's trying to impact our thoughts and lives.  The greatest challenge any of us has is learning to discern which is which." 


Religion always seems to say "do this; do not do that" and has a long history of using the fear of God to get what it wants from people.  In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  So . . . 


"My question for organized religion is when do I get to relax into God and stop worrying about possible retributions?"


"There is a difference between 'acting Christian' and serving God.
  I choose the latter."


I once heard someone remark that Christians, like everybody else, fully expect a cut or scratch to heal because our bodies are designed that way.  Yet, if anything remotely serious occurs, we no longer accept that healing is the default natural process God has provided. 


"The Holy Spirit does not exit the body just because there is illness in the body." 


I just shake my head in frustration every time I hear the news, or even an individual, talk about gold, the stock market, or even money in general, as if they were something of real value.  Dollar bills might serve as an inefficient toilet paper, and coins can sometimes substitute as a needed, but unavailable, screwdriver, however, in truth they are of minimal utilitarian value.  You cannot eat, drink, breathe, or even wear them for protection from the elements.  We created this artificial scorekeeping system for its ease of use, among other reasons, but we would do well not to confuse it with that which is of actual importance. 


"If all of the money in the world disappeared in an instant, nothing of real value would be missing."


I have grown to dislike almost all religious ritual.  I think it is too easy to become caught up in the ritual and forget why the ritual was started in the first place.  I want God to be actively in my life 24/7, not to wait for me to perform a ritual before He shows up. 


"Do you truly reject God, or are you rejecting the church, or the way some 'religious' people live? It is not the same thing.  Look to God.  Invite Him into your life. He will work it out with you." 


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