Raven Hill Discovery Center - Earth Tones Music Garden

The Raven Hill website offers the following description and information; "Explore the Earth Tones Music Garden.  The new outdoor Earth Tones Music Garden connects the science of sound and the history of instruments to the art of music. The eight over-sized, tuned instruments includes a 75' friction harp, friction rods, a lithophone, triangles, whale drum, bells, aerophone and Amadinda . . .    . . . The Earth Tones Music Garden was designed and constructed by musician and edutainer, Tom Kaufmann. Tom demonstrates the Amadinda, aerophone, lithophone, friction rods and the earth (friction) harp."  A link on their site allows you to see and hear the Music Garden in action on You Tube.  I have provided that link for your convenience on my Scrapbook Photos Links page too.  "Edutainer" -- this is the first I have seen the term -- I like the concept. 




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