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Standing on the porch of the Schoolhouse, looking out across the fields we have just traversed, before we go inside, perhaps this would be a good time to "learn" a little about Raven Hill.  (quoted from their website below the next photos) 


"Short History of Raven Hill Discovery Center"

"Raven Hill Discovery Center, 2005 Crooked Tree Arts Center eddi Award recipient for Arts and Cultural Organizations, was established in 1992 as a regional science and technology center. Raven Hill is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  It is located on 157 acres adjacent to Little Traverse Conservancy’s Raven Ridge Nature Preserve.  It is also a cultural, historical and art center.  The overall goal of the Center is to build lifelong connections for children and adults that link science, history and the arts in a hands-on learning environment.  Over the past fifteen years Raven Hill Discovery Center has had more than 130,000 visitors experience science and technology, history and the arts through hands-on exhibits and displays.  Indoors, visitors can explore museum exhibits like a wellness center, walk-in kaleidoscope, musical instruments, generator bike, magnet table, loom, gyro cycle, old-fashioned games, laser and plasma lamp, motion displays, as well as many displays and collections of science, history and art.  In addition, the animal room is full of live animals, including snakes, lizards, turtles, and spiders.  Out-buildings include a Time Tunnel, Print Shop, Work Shop, Raven Hill Schoolhouse and Tree House, plus a Taxonomic (Taxi) Trail, Energy House, caboose and forge that are in various stages of completion or restoration.  Outdoor exhibits range from the new Earth Tones Music Garden, the medicinal and turtle gardens, Exploring Beyond Jurassic Park, The Ancient World, labyrinth, wetlands boardwalk, the Taxonomic (Taxi) Trail and a half-acre pond.  Programs include professional development workshops for teachers and graduate classes through Central Michigan University, school field trips, scout activities, summer day camp, adult enrichment classes and family days.  The museum is also open to the general public. In addition, there have been over 75,000 contact hours with teachers and students in area classrooms [over] the years as a result of Raven Hill’s Outreach Program.  Raven Hill is unique in northern Michigan.  It draws regularly from a twelve county area during the school year and from across the United States and the world during the summer tourist season.  The Center is open year-round to the public, individuals, groups, and organizations."  



On the wall (picture second row up on right) there is a chart titled "Changes in America."  Across the room, hidden behind the blackboard in the photo (second row up on left), another one is called "Changes in School."  I only took the time to quickly take some shots of that one, but I found these two posters quite intriguing, and would liked to have spent longer looking more closely at them.  However, I was already discovering how much there is to take in at Raven Hill. 

Below the poster are some cropped close-ups I took of the "Buildings" and "Reading" columns for the years 1774, 1854, 1864, and 1944.  I missed 1904 (took two of 1944 by mistake).  I was probably rushing a little at this point.  As I cropped the images, I enhanced each of them slightly using one of my photo programs, to give the pictures a little more clarity. 




As I left the Schoolhouse, I passed by the Print Shop.  I did not stop, as I was on my way to the Exploring Beyond Jurassic Park exhibit which would take me back down by the Earth Tones Music Garden and closer to the museum. 



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