Raven Hill Discovery Center - Tree House

"Play in the barrier-free Tree House, built in the shape of a maple leaf around four trees.  The Tree House connects science and art. Panels are being decorated by local schools and inside, visitors can play with a marble roll, 



leave notes on chalkboard circles, ring the dinner triangle, examine a tree trunk up close and personal," and much more.  That inviting text is comprised of excerpts from the RHDC website.  So, let's go take an up close look. 


On the way up the trail to the Tree House, I noticed this little "house" (pictured at right) off in the woods.  I never remembered to ask what it was about.  My best guesses would be some kind of live trap, or maybe a pen for a small animal when student groups are moving from teaching station to teaching station. 

Since I did not have the benefit of their website text beforehand, I was a little than more surprised to discover all the artwork (below) adorning the Tree House.  I was particularly impressed when I read under the "Mona Lisa" that it had been painted by someone in the sixth grade. 







The Tree House sign picture was actually taken after leaving the woods on my way up to the schoolhouse, but I decided to share it here before we depart the woods.  Still, it is time to move on now. 



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