Raven Hill Discovery Center - Taxi Trail


The Taxi Trail has many teaching stations.  Each one names a plant (usually a tree) and shows some of the products derived from it.  Many have a sapling planted nearby, allowing for a tangible visual identification of the tree (or plant). 



The trail also provides plenty of additional natural growth granting ample opportunity for looking around (or photographing).



And there are a few not so natural items here and there to pique your interest (and, of course, photograph).



Some displays included traditional Native American crafts.




 From earlier eras to our current times, our continuing dependency on nature is made clear.




Not quite halfway around the trail I noticed a railcar to the north.  It was just far enough off the trail that I was not sure if it was on the RHDC property, or belonged to someone else.  So I zoomed in for the below pictures without actually walking over to explore the caboose or area around it.  Cheri told me later that it was indeed a work in progress of theirs. 



I took a great many more photos along this trail than I am sharing here, but I think you get the idea of what the trail is about.  Almost all the way around the trail, I came to a path leading off into the woods which brought me to the Tree House.  That is the next page in this visit to RHDC.  Though first, here are several additional shots taken from the trail. 







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