American Heritage Festival
Lansing, Michigan


The images shared on this page are from the American Heritage Festivals in 2004, 2007, and 2008.  Looks like early arrivals (below left).  But, even in these ecologically minded times most people still get to the festival by automobile.  The wagon rides on site have however been a regular part of the offered activities.  I suppose, if you actually happen to have your own covered wagon to arrive in, there would be no problem with it.  The gentleman pictured on the right (below) is Congressman Rick Jones.  He is giving the camera that old posed politician's smile.  But I knew him before he decided on such an odious career. All kidding aside, he is one of the good guys.  He was sharing some of the announcing duties during the 2004 festival. 


The Moon Log Cabin (above and below) is always a hub of activity during the festivities.  There is usually something cooking inside, and often apple pressing outside.  Garden tours, entertainment, log sawing, and a variety of other participatory and spectator options have been a part of the offerings over the years. can tell you what is in store for this year. 


As mentioned on the opening page, I tend to associate the presence of the Civil War re-enactors with this festival.  They are  here at other times as well, but this is where I connect them in my mind.  When not under fire, even soldiers at Woldumar need to rest (third row below right) now and then.  The Fur Trader period in Michigan history is also regularly represented. Randd Miller (fifth row below) is usually one of those explaining this time period.  Randd is a friend as well as a presenter for our (T&SC) Michigan Living History Encampment during Grand Ledge's Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival.     



Wagon rides to pontoon rides, animals, displays, and demonstrations, there is much to do and see at the American Heritage Festival.  Oh, and yes, did I forget to mention, there is usually some sort of food available too.  Hungry?  Come and enjoy. 



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