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As with many of the other pages, I decided to open this one with a couple of 35mm images.  These particular ones were taken on October 30 in 1987.  As you might have noticed on the opening page, Woldumar has quite a bit of shoreline.


Most prominent on the opening page map, besides the river itself, is the large lagoon.  As we move to the digital images below, I will begin with that area, then move to some pictures along the river taken during a ride on what was then a newly donated pontoon boat.  The president of the board and a couple of staff members were about to take a test drive when I happened along and was invited to join them.  Pontoon boat rides are often available during festival times.     


Actually, I have a tale to share relating to the above three pictures (unfortunately none from the event).  For a few years, an organization called Project Lakewell participated in the American Heritage Festival by establishing a voyageur (fur traders) camp on the banks of the lagoon (about where the number 14 is on the map).  The encampment included a 26 foot replica canoe.  Although I am not a re-enactor, I was a member of the organization and regularly helped them bring the canoe in by river, and take it back out when the festival wrapped up.  One year, during the weekend, after we had arrived at the campsite by canoe, the City of Lansing opened their dam to lower the river (for cleanup I suppose).  The water level dropped so low that in the area where the river and the lagoon meet, we had to get out of the canoe and pull it by ropes into the deeper river.  We referred to that year as a most genuine French Voyageur experience.  Another was close, but it is a different story. 


There is a little finger of water (by the number 28 on the map) between the river and the lagoon.  It is an area not as frequented as many of the others.  But, it has its own special beauty.  I still remember startling a deer there, who in return gave my heart quite a little jump when it bolted (having been previously unnoticed).  I will conclude with a few pictures from that area along with additional photos of the other shorelines and several images taken back at the lagoon. 


Well, maybe just one more, because this is what it is all about . . . taking the time to appreciate the moment.  And, so much the better if you have someone to share that with you.  I decided to convert this photo to black and white and I added a slight blur so it would not be too stark and less identifiable.  The idea is that this could be . . . you . . . or me . . . if we choose. 



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