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The trail system at Woldumar Nature Center is pretty extensive as you can see on the opening page map.  This page contains images from a variety of places along the trails not shown on one of the other specific location pages.  You could easily spend a whole day wandering the trails, especially if you are pausing to take pictures.  Since I rarely have the luxury of that much time for a visit, I vary which trails I take from time to time.  The least amount of my time has been spent on the hardwood forest loop simply because of its distance from the parking lot, but it has provided some of my favorite photos.    



Even back in my 35mm days I took quite a few pictures along the trails at Woldumar.  Most assuredly, not as many as I do with my digital camera, but a lot.  In those days you never knew how the picture was going to turn out until the film was developed.  The following are some of those with which I was most pleased from my 35mm inventory.  The first two are of a tree called "winged" something (I am terrible at making notes, but the naturalist told me once). The only place I ever saw it was along a trail which no longer exists (pictured from 1992).  It is not unusual to see the unusual if you pay attention.  




Then digital cameras came along, and beginning in 2003 I started transitioning from 35mm to digital.  Here are some digital selections moving through summer, fall, winter (without snow), and spring.  I have not taken many general trail pictures showing snow.  Some years back I went cross country skiing at Woldumar without taking my camera.  However, I no longer ski much and tend to stay closer to home (at Fitzgerald Park) in the winter.  Probably is a good thing.  It may not seem so, but I really did eliminate many pictures I selected for here, because this page is getting longer than I prefer to make them. 



The two pictures immediately below I could not decide where to place, but I like them, and did not wish to eliminate them, so here is where they ended up.  This next section moves in for a little closer look . . . from bark, to berries, to birds, to butterflies . . . fascinating fungi . . . stuff that I though had interesting shapes or patterns . . . a frog away from the big pond and a toad along the road (well OK just the trail) . . . even some apples (part of Woldumar used to be an orchard) . . . take a look . . . but you might want to steer clear of the poison ivy, so I have included a large picture (fourth row from the bottom on the right) to show you what it looks like.  By the way, can you see the dragon's head (third row just below here on the left) and the gnarled claw hand trying to grasp the leaf (same third row on the right)?  Did you notice the actual little spider on the Maple leaf in the eleventh row center picture?  What else can your imagination or sharp eye find along the trails? 




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