Woodland Pond Area
Woldumar Nature Center


The Woodland Pond area feels more centrally located in Woldumar than it appears on the map.  I regularly stop or pass by it regardless of what trails I have decided to take on any given visit.  One of the reasons for this is it is often the area in which I have encountered wildlife.  Sometimes you just hear them, as is the case with the loons which I never had the opportunity to photograph.  Occasionally, I have been blessed to have camera in hand and ready when the moment presented itself.  From the commonplace to the less ordinary, each creature offers a glimpse of God's grace abundantly displayed all around us. 






The Woodland Pond is not just about trying to see some wildlife though.  Indeed, on many visits the pond area had nothing but its own beauty to offer to my camera.  Flowers and plants, textures and reflections, give ample opportunities for great picture taking.  This area is also one of the few where I do have some winter shots I can share with you.  The first two are 35mm images taken in 1990 and 1991.  From there we will continue on through more recent winters into warmer weather. 


I had cropped the top off the picture at right to square it up with the below one, but then decided I liked seeing that little bit of blue showing the skyline



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